About Ed Baxter

I'm a seasoned internet marketer with a background in web development & more than 7 years experience in helping websites to rank and convert!

Through ethical and marketing led practices, I help to improve the organic rankings of a range of websites including ecommerce, lead generation and information websites. I also have a strong working knowledge of web technologies such as PHP and popular frameworks/applications such as Wordpress, Magento, CodeIgniter, and so on.


I've always enjoyed blogging and I've appeared on some top blogs over the past few years, including SEOmoz, Econsultancy, Certified Knowledge, Search Engine People, The Future Buzz and more! I write on SEO, website development, analytics and other topics I find interesting.

I also write on this site from time to time - check out the latest on my blog.

With Thanks...

No website is made in a vacuum and I certainly had help along the way putting together this version of the website:

I'd like to thank Joel Vardy for his continued feedback throughout the entire project and his excellent insights!

I'd also like to thank Adam Whitcroft for his excellent Batch icons and Subtle Patterns for the great textures!

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