Don't Be Left Behind With Mobile Devices

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If you have been anywhere on the internet in the last week then you will have surly have seen that Apple has just launched the iPad 2. And not wanting to be left out, I decided that every web developer and search engine optimiser needs to think about the iPad 2 and most importantly what it means for the future of the web. The user base of the internet is increasingly shifting towards the mobile medium.

Apple have sold 15 million iPads since launch

I'm not saying it's going to replace people who use desktop PCs or laptops but it certainly change how things work right now. Since the iPad launched, Apple has sold 15 million devices. It's a safe bet that most of those are being used to surf the web and the same applies for iPhones and Android devices. So what does this mean for us?

You risk losing sales if your website isn't mobile friendly

It means that the days of having a website that isn't mobile friendly are coming to the end. It's a simple case of step up or die (not literally). Already, since the iPhone launched we have seen people slowly moving to ordering online and viewing content on their phones. No longer can you miss out on these sales if you are a small or medium sized website. Especially if your competition sees the value in making their website mobile friendly.

Making your website mobile friendly isn't as hard as you might think

And making sites mobile friendly is so easy with the amount of resources online. Any developer worth his salt will be able to write a CSS Stylesheet or use a library like jQuery Mobile to make your website friendly and it won't cost you the world either!

Check your analytics to see how many are browsing your website using a mobile device. You may be surprised

For anyone even remotely interested in increasing their conversions please go and check this out! Go check your analytics, go see how many people are browsing using mobile devices, go compare it to last year or the year before if you have that data. You may realise that you are killing any chance of converting these people because your website is simply unusable in smart phones or tablets.

Don't be left behind by technology

So don't be left behind by the innovation in technology. For web developers, making a website friendly for smart phones or tablets shouldn't be more painful than making it work for the various versions of IE (ok...maybe a bad example. I'm sure it's much nicer than fixing IE6).

What do you think? Is the mobile browsing era going to be short lived. Will everyone keep using their PCs and laptops or is this something we should all embrace? What are your experiences with mobile visitors. Let me know in the comments below.