Hit A Dead End With Your SEO Strategy? Here's What You Can Do

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After a while it can seem like you have hit a dead end in your SEO efforts and no matter what you do, you cannot seem to move positions, get more traffic or get more sales/conversions. This is a scenario that affects every search engine optimiser at some point in their career. But not to worry. There are steps you can take to get your campaign back on track. I'll cover some of my favourites in this article.

Get more content

This one should be obvious but many many people forget to keep adding content to their websites. The search engines are always after fresh content that is interesting or helpful or funny, and if you're lucky then all three.

A blog is a fantastic way to get new content onto your website, especially if the latests posts appear on your websites homepage.

Force yourself to keep writing new content, make it part of your schedule, do it when you have 20 minutes free. But don't just write the piece and put it onto your website, get it shared amongst the community and get valuable links back to your website.

If you create a very good piece then get in touch with some big websites in your market, get them to publish your piece in exchange for a link. Not only do you get your name out there and links back to your website but you're building relationships with much bigger websites that can help you later on.

Create Link Bait

Creating content that naturally attracts links is very hard work, you can (and most likely) will fail several times before creating something that will get spread amongst your market/niche and attract natural links that the search engines love.

Try and come up with an idea that will either help someone, be interesting or funny and create it for your website. For example, a quiz for an upcoming sporting event if you're in the football shirts market.

But again, once you have made it, don't just let it sit on your website hoping that people will find it. Go out and add it to the social bookmarking sites, get in touch with other larger websites drawing their attention to it. Perhaps take out some PPC to attract people to it. The list is endless but never hope that people will just stumble upon it, always go out and spread the word.

Link Build

Link building is just as much hard work as link bait and could land you in trouble with the engines but it's a strategy that certainly has the ability to get you those positions in the SERPs. Participating in forums where you can have signatures, blog commenting, etc can help you to build a wide array of links; both follow and no follow that gives the appearance of a natural link profile.

You can also go out and buy links from large websites in your market. Be warned though, this is a risky strategy and could get you a black mark from the engines but it also has the ability to send you to the very top if you play your cards right.

So if you're stuck, these strategies if applied consistently and correctly will help you get out of your pit and back into the world of SEO. Each is hard work but there are no easy wins in SEO. It's all about your commitment to creating great content, perfecting your strategy for whichever niche you're in and ultimately getting your website to the top.

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