A Quick Thought On No Follow Links

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I recently read an article on seomoz on link building and one particular paragraph stuck out for me:

Nofollow & Dofollow

"A lot of people go out and source dofollow links, but in doing this they do more harm to their link profile. Every website should have a good balance of nofollow links - there have been cases where sites with a very low number of nofollow links have not ranked as highly as others who keep a good balance."

Source scott.mclay On SeoMoz.

Natural Websites Have A Mix Of Follow And No Follow

And when you think about how the search engines see websites then it makes sense. Any natural website is always going to get no follow links, the type of links you get from blog posts, but any small or medium website that has none seems a little too unnatural. Even the biggest websites in the world still have a large number of no follow links.

Find A Balance Between The Two

And this is why you need to find a balance, I mentioned in a previous article that a good way to get links is from no follow blog posts (they don't affect your PageRank but they can help you rank for your keywords). These will help balance out your follow/no follow ratio of links and help expose your website.

What do you guys think about this? Leave your comments below.