SEO Basics - The Keyword Tool

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Picking the right keywords for your website could be the difference between success and failure but how do you choose the right keywords for you website? This is where the Keyword Tool comes into play. It allows you to search terms and find exactly what your potential customers are looking for!

What is the keyword tool?

The keyword tool is a free service provided by Google to search keywords and find how much global and local (the country that you are in) search there is for that term. This allows you to gauge how many potential customers there are for each term that applies to you.

How can it help me?

Knowing how many people are looking for one of your products or services takes out a lot of the guess work. It also allows you to put the most work into getting your website to rank for the keyword you want.

For example: I can see that the term SEO Sheffield receives more monthly search than PPC Sheffield, hence I can make the choice to target SEO Sheffield as it offers a much higher potential return.

Where can I find the tool?

You can find the keyword tool at this URL:

How do I use the tool?

All you need to do is to type the keywords that you want to check into the Word or phrase box in the top left hand corner. Put one keyword/phrase per line and hit the search button. A table will appear below with the keywords you entered and their related global and local search, as well as other keywords that are similar.

It's about more than just search volumes

From these results you can begin to judge which keywords you wish to target. One quick note that I will make about picking keywords is that you need more than just the search volumes in order to make a decision on which keywords to target, such as how competitive those terms are.

If a keyword receives 20 million monthly searches in your local area and you are a new site, you will want to avoid these high numbers and go for more specific terms.

Closing words

That was just a quick look on the keyword tool and a little about why you should use it. If you have any further questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!