Social Media - Is It Worth The Effort?

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If you have been active in the internet marketing world over the last few years then I'm sure you will have heard all the hype about 'social media' and how amazing it is. Without a doubt for some it has been an amazing medium to increase their sales and draw people onto their website but what is it and can it work for you.

But What Is Social Media?

Social media is the term that describes a group of websites/mediums where users share content and interactive with each other, a few example are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.

The Success It's Had

For some social media can revolutionise their businesses. The popular tech website Mashable did a post not so long ago on the success that five small businesses had with social media that you should check out here.

BlendTec, a company that produces blenders saw an unbelievable jump in their sales after running a YouYube video series putting their blender to the test against glow sticks, magnets, an iPhone and more*.

And let's not forget the last US election where social media helped to raise $500 million for President Obama's campaign trail*.

* Source - Search Engine Watch. You can read more stories on social media success here.

Can It Work For Me?

It can, but it's not the get out of free jail card that people believe it is. Like any internet marketing tactic, it takes time, dedication and of course, the knowledge to make it successful.

I feel that it also depends on your customers. For example a cup cake business may post hundreds of videos/photos online of their products which shows how great they look which makes people go and buy them. However how would you do the same trying to sell plumbing services? I'm sure there is a way to do such a thing however it comes back to having the knowledge and insight to successfully use social media for your own circumstances.

Why You Shouldn't Just Jump On The Bandwagon

Personally I find social media to be very hyped at the moment and although it works fantastic for some this doesn't guarantee that it will for you even if you put a huge amount of cash, time and effort into it.

By all means go and experiment to find out what works for you but don't forget the other mediums that have served us so well for so long - pay per click, SEO and Affiliate programmes and so on.

To think social media is the solution to all your problems is naive, it is just another tactic in your arsenal to use to increase conversions (whether that be sign ups, sales, etc).

Have you seen success with social media or has it let you down? Let me know in the comments below.