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Using ethical search engine optimisation and content creation I help websites increased their traffic and rankings.

Read an overview of the process I take for every SEO project


Before any work is undertaken I start every project with extensive research. I first assess what my client needs to achieve from the project, what competition exists on the web and how fierce, how the site has performed in the past and what keywords are currently been targeted.

From this information I can create a benchmark for the website and move on to planning a strategy.


With a solid understanding of the current site and target market I then, working with the client, set performance goals and plan the content that will be produced. As well as the websites that will be engaged with and when.

These plans build the backbone of the project and will be systematically worked through providing a transparent roadmap for all parties.


With the roadmap firmly laid out, I then produce the planned content and market it to pre-identified websites as well as sharing it with relevant parties across several different mediums across the course of the project.

I also implement the required on-site changes to ensure the website’s structure, keywords and content are up to scratch.

On Going Analysis

All actions undertaken on the project are carefully analysed using reliable data and any lessons learned are used to shape the project as it progresses. I also closely monitor the amount of and quality of traffic the site receives, the engagement of various sections of the site, the real world stats such as sales, sign ups and enquiries and more.

I highlight and act upon the data collected to improve the project and ultimately push past the targets.

New Developments & Opportunities

SEO is an ever changing landscape with daily updates and new opportunities which I feed into projects once they have been tested and shown to improve the current work being performed.

Why You Should Hire Me

The Search Services I Provide:

Site Review - A comprehensive review of the existing or development website to identify problems and areas for improvement.

Areas covered include,

Content & Link Strategy - A thoroughly planned and logical strategy document outlining potential content and link opportunities for a client to attack if they wish to perform their SEO themselves.

Ongoing SEO Campaign - A six to 12 month SEO project dedicated to creating content, building relationships, earning links and improving real world performance of your site. Focused on conversions and generating more profit.

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